Community Website
The website will function as a point of contact for the project and its participants. In particular, it will:
1. Provide information about the project, describing its scope, aims and progress;
2. Present a brief history of Hull Fair in the form of text and images;
3. Enable show people who have connections with Hull Fair to register their family history and personal memories;
4. Enable Hull residents who have connections with Hull Fair to register their personal memories;
5. Eventually, preserve and provide access to a catalogued, searchable archive of Hull Fair memories in the form of speech transcriptions and illustrative material.
The principal function of the website is to advertise the Hull Fair project and serve as a collection point for Hull Fair memories. Show people will be able to make contact with the project via the website and volunteer to have their recollections preserved and made accessible in the form of sound and/or video recordings, accompanied by photographs of personal artefacts where permission is granted. The website will eventually provide public access to this archive in a 'low bandwidth' format, providing searchable transcriptions of the memories and images of artefacts, rather than the actual sound/video recordings which will be too large for most users to download over the internet. Many of the memories will be included on the final DVD using the actual sound and/or video recordings.
The website will need to be established at the outset of the project to facilitate the collecting of Hull Fair memories. Although the final DVD will represent a finite, fixed version of the memory archive, the website will ideally continue in its function, with further memories being added to the online archive as and when they are collected.