Whitney Church: a new generation
Whitney Church is thirteen years old and very kindly agreed to speak to the project. She is the daughter of Darren and Deana Church and was interviewed in her great-aunt, Sandra Wright’s, living wagon at Brighouse, West Yorkshire. She was just back from school, and had been playing outside in the yard. What’s the school uniform you’ve got on:
Brighouse High School.
Tell me something about Hull fair:
Well it’s really fun. You get to hang out, you know, like all your friends you don’t normally see but you see them at Hull. I just hang around with girls mostly about five of them or something like that.
And what do you get up to then:
Go on all the rides and stuff and go around. There’s like an arcade down the end and we go on the dance machine down there. I like the Big Ben and I went on the Big Ben.
So where do you stay when you are down there:
We stay in a trailer on the fairground. We’ve got a catering unit and we sell sweets on there.
Do you get to eat lots of sweets:
I only have one a day…
Do you see your friends in other places besides Hull:
Yes, sometimes. Not that much.
Do you go to school when you are down there:
Yes, there’s a sort of school down there. The building’s not a school it’s where people bowl.
Do all the children who are staying at the fairground go there:
Yes. It’s certain ages that can go because there are three different groups. There’s one for the little ones, and then there’s a middle set and the top one and I’m in the top one. Sometimes I thought it was a bit boring but it is alright.
Does the school in Brighouse give you help to make sure that you do the same thing at the Hull school as you do at school here:
If I ask for extra work when I’m going they give it to me it but they give me loads and loads so…
Do you want to say bye-bye to the tape recorder:
Thanks for speaking to the project Whitney. We took a picture of you on the Dodgems that are being prepared for the season. While we were there Reneé-Elizabeth, your sister posed for a snapshot outside in the yard. Thanks again and see you both at Hull.