Geoffrey Waters has made a personal record of Hull Fair which spans over 50 years
Geoffrey Waters came into the Avenues Library and brought some interesting material with him. The photographs and sketches give not only a fascinating individual glimpse of Hull Fair but also show one mans ability to capture the spectacle that is Hull Fair.
Born in Manchester he joined the army in 1942 rising to the rank of Captain. He left in 1947 to train as a teacher in Sheffield where he met his future wife who came from Hull. It was while courting her that he first saw Hull Fair although heís been many times since. He told the project about that visit:
I got married in 1949 and was courting my wife who lived in Hull in 1948 and she took me to Hull Fair as a great outing. Whilst there I took these photographs which are from my photograph album of that time.
I was more interested at that time in people than I was in the actual fair itself. As I say of great interest really were the people and the way they were dressed. And of course I was in love at the time so it was a bit of a mix-up. I still am by the way. With the same lady.
The photo of the big wheel was a hard picture to take because of the light Ė itís very difficult to take a picture against such a bright light. I was a keen photographer at that time. All these are my own developing and it tells you on the front page what I was using. I used to like the matt paper.
Now, since then I have visited a number of times but I havenít actually done a lot of work with the fair. I did go to college when I retired Ė I was teacher Ė I came to live in Hull Ė retired as a teacher Ė and I used to go to the fair with my children and one thing and another and Iíve done quite a lot of drawing in the fair but all those drawings have either vanished or disappeared. However I did discover this book which is from 1993 with drawings of the fair at that time, it gives the date. At that time in 1993 I was studying art and since then Iíve got a degree.
Thank you very much for bringing these photos and sketches to the project. Many people will be able to enjoy them. I hope youíll be there this year pencils in hand.