Sharon Rusling remembers the Shamrocks
On the 18th of March Sharon Rusling came into Avenues Library and after looking at the photos on the display panels offered to talk to the project about her memories of Hull Fair and one ride in particular. She began by telling us where she lived.
Iíve lived up here since I was nine. Now I live on Park Avenue. When I first moved down here we lived on Millfield Road, thatís just under the bridge. So itís always just been a walk. I remember my mum taking us and then as you get a little bit older, you kind of go with friends.
Whatís your strongest memory of the fair:
Iíve been looking at the photos and Iíve got three girls and I always take them to the fair. They always think Iím a scaredy cat because I wonít go on all the modern rides. I always bring up the Shamrocks.
What do you say to them:
ďOh, I used to go on themĒ. I used to wait for them to come. They didnít come while a Wednesday because they were always at a different fair. I used to wait and wait and as soon as I knew they were thereÖ They were always in the same place. Half way down Walton street. I say half way, just before you got to the path and it was always on like the side, but you had really to go in. But they were always in the same place.
The reason I could always go on them and loved them is at the back there was like rope and you used to be able to fit at the back and just sort of put your hands and twine them up in this great big rope, like an old rope netting, like something off a ship. And you just felt secure.
Didnít you feel sick:
No, no, never and I never was frightened. Never frightened. I couldnít sit anywhere else, I wouldnít have felt safe, because obviously, as you went down there was nothing to hold on to, there was nothing over you. So Iíd sit at the back on like slats. Not like todayís rides, real primitive. It was really exiting and the girls would go ďAre you scared?Ē when the Shamrocks came.
What else did you go on? The Shamrocks were your favourite:
That was my favourite, I was always for waiting the Shamrocks and the Waltzers. It was the last of the old fashioned rides really, apart from a couple of Helter Skelters I think. I remember the Walzers. I Loved the Walzers.
What music did they play when you were there:
The memory Iíve got of music is the ĎBand of Goldí. I canít remember who sang it. It always stuck in my mind.
Can you sing it:
Not now no.
Go on:
No, not till Iíve had a few. (laughs) Thatís the one though, I used to walk around waiting for it to come on Ė I used to love that.
So actually the song stuck in your mind just because of the fairground:
Because of the fair, yes, definitely.
What picture comes up with the song:
Walzers, being at the fair with my mates on Walzers stood round.
Thanks Sharon. Donít forget to show this web page to your daughters so they can see some pictures of the beloved Shamrocks. By the way it was Freda Payne who sung ĎBand of Goldí and it got to number three in the charts back in 1970.