I have three very vivid memories to share...
Steve Robinson emailed the project with his memories of the fair. We tried to find photographs to go with the story but couldn't find one of the game Round Midnight - although a few other people do remember it.
I have three very vivid memories to share. Firstly when I was young my father would always take me to the Midnight Chimes stall where 20 or so people would compete to move a clock 45minutes from 11.15 to midnight. This was done by rolling a golf ball up what was like a bagatelle board with holes which were painted either cream or red. Get the golf ball in the cream and the clock moved two and half minutes;in the red and the clock moved 5minutes. The balls returned via a chute and the operator gave a running commentary which got everyone very excited and into the game. There were always people queueing to get on - especially as the prizes were great - very good toys, household goods etc. My father got so good at the game and won many times that over several years he was often asked to walk around the fair and come back again in an hour because people thought it was fixed!!.
The second memory is of what I think was one of the best rides ever and that was the Whip. It had carriages like the waltzers but in it it had a foot pedal which the occupants could press and release causing the whole thing to rotate in the opposite direction to the general run of the ride - hence the name . In the early 70's I took some University friends on it and they didn't know about the pedal - they got quite a shock when I started messing around so they didn't know which way they were going!!
Finally Hull Fair holds a very special place for me as it was there on 15th October 1975 that I met my future wife - we were part of two groups of people who arranged a night out together and we were literally thrown together when we went on the Cyclone ride - that first meeting is always remembered by us even now after 26 years of marriage.
Best wishes for the project - hope this is of some interest Steve Robinson Hessle
Thank you very much for the email Steve - I hope your memory jogs a few other peoples memories!