Mr McTurk's Amateur Photographs from 1953
Mr McTurk came into the central library and brought to the project an issue of the Amateur Photographer from October 6th 1954. The photographs must date from the previous year and they show that Mr McTurk was a highly proffesional amateur. Here are a few quotes from the text of the article which is repoduced in full in the adjoining images with the permission of the current editors of Amateur Photographer.
My aim, briefly, was to capture all the fun of the fair without resorting to expensive flash equipment.
When the fair arrived, I was eager to join the throngs of pleasure-seekers and put 'developing to finality' to practical test. With a Weston meter I first ascertained the light values of various roundabouts and sideshows, so gaining in advance some idea of approximate exposures in case a candid shot should present itself.
Fast, brightly lit roundabouts such as the Moon Rocket and the Waltzer particulary attracted me. Not until they were travelling at top speed did I expose and then I waited until a satisfactory human expression whizzed momentarily into view. My object was to capture the fun of the fair, and so I was on the lookout for happy expressions. These appeared mostly on the faces of the teenagers of the fair sex.
Thank you very much for this Mr McTurk. The photographs are excellent and the passage of time has confirmed that you were fully succesful in capturing the fair in all its glory. Thanks.