Mr Drury's photographs
Gwen Taylor came into the main library and bought to the project a collection of images from the 1969 and 1970 Hull Fair. They were taken by her father, sadly now deceased, Mr Drury. These scans are taken from a collection of 35mm b&w negatives and some really good shots of the fairground have resulted. Here is a selection of eleven of them. There is a set of colour prints as well and a selection of these will shortly appear on these pages. Thanks very much Gwen.
Here are some excerpts penned by the 'Cyclist' taken from the World's Fair, October 17th, 1970. p.29.
Organs on Screeton's Gallopers, Richard's Cake Walk and Lee's Yachts attracted many supporters of this kind of music and working at the key-frame on Screeton's Gavioli I noticed 'Masham Jack'.
I chatted with Bob Green in the control box of his machine, and remarked that I always considered the famous Caterpillar as being the first of the novelty rides, and that I first saw this type of ride at the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley in 1924. Much to my amazement I learned that this was the very same machine, although very little remained of the original!
Gone, however, are the circuses, zoos and 'wild west' exhibitions which for years were a highlight of Hull (and other) big fairs.