Alan Brigham's Hull Fair 1971
Alan Brigham runs an excellent Hull History web site at:
He very kindly has let us use some of his photographs for our project. Take a look at his site if you get the chance it has some real Hull gems on it.
Here is the text from the web page dedicated to his memories of the fair.
In 1971 when David Newton and I worked on the fair, we didn't quite expect the wage packet we received at the end of the first night. As I remember it, we had six cars each, with two passengers per car paying 1.50 per ride. Each ride lasted four minutes and the turn-around, getting the old punters out and new ones in and paid for, lasted two minutes. After 7pm, thanks to a continuous queue, this was easily achieved. The ride easily cleared 1,000 that first evening. All to the nonstop sound of Rod Stewart's Maggie May.
When we took the job on, we did so on the offer of a share in the daily take. I can't remember if we were told what this percentage would be, but we were expecting a lot more than the 10/- (50p) we were given at the end of the evening (midnight?). I have often wondered what happened the following night when we didn't turn up!
Thanks very much Alan. Good luck with the site. www.hullwebs.co.uk