Mrs Bruin remembers those dare-devil boys...
The Hull Fair Project interviewed Mrs Bruin at Gypsyville Library, in May 2004. Her story was very enjoyable.
Well just after the war, when I was a bit older, we used to go to the fair and I was extremely scared of the roundabouts and the various roundabout type entertainments. I went with school friends and I was the one who was scared. The most terrifying thing I remembered was a circular spinning Drum. There were two drums and they both span in a different direction. You would stand with your back against the drum as it began to move, as it got faster and span round, the floor went down and the spinning drums cause suction, you were hung on to the back of this spinner and it was horrifying and you were trying to be brave, while everyone was shouting and screaming with joy. It was terrifying in case you slid down and someone would see my knickers! I could not move my arms to pull my skirt down. It did not deter me, we went again, and the thing was to go several times during the week, which you saved for.
Then there were the spinning cups that span around. The Waltzer. The arm comes down and youíre held in. At a certain age there were the men who collected the money, they would chat you up. I can see now that they were total louts and I donít know what was the matter with us because we thought they were so gorgeous. Has no one ever said about the gorgeous money-taking boys?
Really I canít believe it and you have interviewed women. I can not believe it that a women at my age with an appreciation of dark hair and dark eyed men. They used to come and chat you up and they were such dare-devils because, this saucer thing, the Waltzer went up and down as well. They would stand being dare-devil louts who seemed so brave and I thought it was the most wonderful job in the world. To be married to one of them and live on a Caravan.
Do you have any photographs:
No, None not that I will let you see!
Thank you, weíll stop there.