The Pinder Family
The Hull Fair Project has been fortunate to be able to look at some takings books donated to the National Fairground Archive by Harold Pinder.
The Pinder family originally ran a second hand marine shop in Bridlington. They were connected with the Shipley and Payne fair in Bridlington in the early years of the 20th century and by the 1920s they were travelling in Yorkshire and the East Riding in particular with side stalls such as Darts, Ball Games and Shooting Prize Stalls. They travelled with Edwin Corrigan and Horace Fall right through from the 1930s to the 1940s often opening at the same grounds as the Gallagher family (see earlier memory). The Corrigan round took in a whole host of small sports galas and feast days ending with the bigger back end fairs in September and October.
The 1920s account books are initialled what looks like E.E.P. on the front cover. Just before Hull fair in 1923 H.F.Pinder paid £80 towards a Living Waggon perhaps the same one in the background of the photo of ‘Reggie with his mice and pussy’. The clearly demonstrates that the family were quite successful. The bill is signed ‘John Wilson’ who was also know as Jack Wilson and was in partnership with William (Bill) Hughes running a ‘General Merchant buyers of sacks, bags and metals of all kinds’. Bill Hughes was of the same family as Bert Hughes famous for his boxing booth and who married Lawrence Gallaghers’s cousin, Nora.
The takings books show that during the 1920s their principal income came in from a fixed position on the ‘Sands’, possibly Bridlington or Hornsea Sands. Takings varied but rose to £26 for the Whit week in 1925.
During the 1930s the takings books show that the Pinders followed the Corrigan round paying ground rents for Hooplas and Round stalls while also travelling target games with coconuts amongst the prize although they also had Coconut sheets. The name Pinder is not mentioned in the Worlds Fair of the period (other than the Circus family of the same name). It has been suggested that they were not Guild members at the time, and there is no trace of any Pinders in the Yorkshire Guild section in the 1930s and 1940s. They may have traded under a different name for the purposes of renting the ground.
The family travelled widely around Yorkshire. For example 1932 sees their season open at Beverley Races in late May. Two days there were followed by a wide ranging tour taking in amongst other places; North Frodingham, Hornsea, Market Weighton, Eastringham, Hutton Granwich, Kilham, Bedford, Seaton Ross, Nafferton, Skipsea, Carnaby, Harpham and Bridlington Market. This fast and furious pace continued throughout the months of June, July and August with the stops being for one or a maximum of two days. In early September they travelled to Doncaster where they opened from the 9th till the 16th taking money at both the Racecourse and the Market with the latter takings far outweighing the former. The 22nd till the 30th saw them open at Huddersfield. At Hull that year in October they were open from the 11th till the 17th ending the season with a four day run at Bridlington Fair from the 20th to the 24th. This pattern is repeated through the 1930s and 1940s.
Hull Fair was visited every year by the Pinder Family who also took in smaller events in Cottingham and Gypsyville to name but two. Many thanks to Lawrence Gallagher for sharing his memories of the Pinders and fleshing out the story a little. If anyone remembers the Pinders in and around Hull the project would love to hear from them.