Raining Sliced Bread!
Edna Reed came into a workshop in January with a funny story to tell about Bread and Hull Fair! So what happened that day?
Well this particular day I went with some friends to the fair and they had a sort of, they weren't swing boats, it was called a Shamrock or something. I hated the sight of it as a rule but I decided I would be brave and have a go on this thing.
Well, there was a boy, a teenager, maybe about 10-12 years old and he obviously lived locally and he'd been asked to bring a loaf of bread and decided he would have a swing while he was out, so off he went on it on his loaf of bread. Well I was fascinated and I forgot my fear of this thing because it used to stand on end and then swoop down and they had this loaf of bread on the seats, and I can see it now, when it went up, up went the loaf and then down again and up the other way, and then right round, it seemed hours and hours and this loaf, it was a good job it wasn't a sliced loaf or it would have been raining sliced bread, and it was up and down and round and round for ages - it seemed hours. I though if they can eat that loaf when he gets home he's lucky! I've often wondered what condition it was in when he got home. So that's the little story.
So when was this - when did this happen then?
Oh this was - I'm 85 now so, must be nearly 70 years ago.