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Edna Reed   ...when it went up, up went the loaf and then down again and up the other way...
Ivy Shears   As we got older you would go to the fair just to see if you could meet any lads.
Joyce Routledge   All I wanted to do when I was a real little girl was to grow up and be one of them dancers.
Henry Marshall & John Shaw   Henry: We were squirty little buggers as kids at Hull. John: You were.
Henry Marshall   A Bostock and Wombwell Gold Medallion
Hamilton Effie   But no, it was just something we looked forward to. October. Hull Fair.
Mrs Arro   Granny Ross's husband he had a roll a penny.
Pat Baxter   We used to go to Hull Fair from Willerby.
Gladys Kemp   And when she won - guess what - I got the doll.
Mr and Mrs Riley   I'm No Angel
Fred and Margaret Page   A lovely bowl of memories
Walter Page   A fine Vase from the Fair
The Pinder Family   Accounts from the East Riding
Mrs Bruin   I could not move my arms to pull my skirt down
Jim Pawson   Fair Sketches
Yorkshire Post   Hull Fair Opening 1946
Hull Daily Mail: Part 2   Hull Fair Images
Hull Daily Mail: Part 1   Hull Fair Images
Mary Weighton remembers   W Marshall the Caterer
The Braithwaite Collection Part 1   Hull Fair Postcards 1900-1907
The Braithwaite Collection Part 2   Hull Fair Postcards 1907-1912
The Braithwaite Collection Part 3   Hull Fair Postcards 1912-1930
Lawrence Gallagher   Showman and Citizen
Bob Carver   Five Bob thank you
Jean Ward Skerrow   Pop's Cup
John and Rosehannan King   Remember Hull Fair
Alan Brigham   9 photos at Hull Fair from 1971
Jean Burnham   6 photos at Hull Fair 1953-1966
Gwen Taylor   Mr Drury's 1974 colour photographs
Janet Baxter   THE FAIR THE FAIR. Amusement Supplement c.1911
Stanley Randerson   I always felt it was something wonderful and I used to think what a marvellous life it was to be a Showman
Gwen Taylor   Mr Drury's 1969 and 1970 photographs
Mr A. W. McTurk   All the Fun of the Fair! 1953
Steve Robinson   I have three very vivid memories to share
John Geoffrey Hanwell   8 out of 10 in 1922
Sharon Rusling   Shamrocks: Oh, I used to go on them.
Geoffrey Waters   Photos and sketches of Hull Fair 1948-1993
David Harrison   St John's Ambulance and Gentle George
Whitney Church   A new generation at Hull Fair
Albert and Margaret Baines   A showman's wedding...
Sandra Wright   Not just being at Hull but getting there...
Sydney Curtis   Hull Fair 1937
Frank Sanderson   Dear Edie...
Tony Westoby   I found these two Hull Fair photos ...
Renee and Pauline   There were none of these whiz things, just the old fashioned horses ...
Karen Riches   Like a big magnet drawing me in ...
Janet Baxter   Postcards of Scenics and Switchbacks c.1920
Jeff Turgoose   Division Road School and the Shamrocks
Heather Hughes   Long Ago and Far Away