1980 — 1990
By the 1980s with the development of scenes such as punk-rock, ska, new romantic, the fairground adjusted to this shift in youth culture. Films such as Ghostbusters, Alien, Nightmare on Elm Street were high-tech and also influenced the decoration of the rides. The fairground reverberated to electronic music with heavy bass and drum patterns with sound systems and lighting rigs on the rides becoming dominant.
The 1980s was a decade when Hull fair, as popular as ever, fought with the weather ! The World’s Fair for 16th October 1987 reported:
Hull Fair Wash-out !
Rain wrecks first few days of business at one of the north east’s most famous events. The 99th Hull Fair on Walton Street will be remembered for many things, including, of course, the vast array of attractions, but also a certain aspect of the elements which has plagued showmen all season — rain !
Shortly after the opening ceremony on the Friday night the heavens opened and torrential rain hammered down onto the Walton Street showground for well over 30 hours non-stop, washing away all hopes of good business.
The hurricanes of that year of did not however cast a shadow over the following year when the World’s Fair 14th October 1988 headlined:
Hull Fair celebrates site centenary
The 100th hull fair on Walton Street was officially opened at 6 pm on Friday 7th October. As heavy winds swept across the ground on the opening night, thousands of people wrapped themselves up well and gathered on the ground to watch the opening ceremony and then enjoy one hour of cheap rides at 20p for the adult machines and 10p on the juveniles.
For the second successive year the opening ceremony was carried out on a platform ride. Terry Atha’s smart "Hell Blazer" Waltzer doing the honours this year. The opening ceremony began with Reverend J.A. Bagshaw saying prayers and a blessing for the fair. Reverend Bagshaw headed the way for the crowd to sing the National Anthem. He spoke of the dedication of the showmen and their families and of the voyage of discovery experienced by families as they walked through the fair. He spoke of the co-operation between the showmen and the council prior to the opening of the fair, placed a blessing on the event and wished everyone peace and safety as they enjoyed the attractions.